Ancient Halloween Traditions

By | December 25, 2016

Ancient Halloween Traditions

The tradition of dressing up as something sinister was a German one and can be traced to a version of the Walpurgis Night Celebration.

Halloween's Agricultural Roots

Samhain, or Summer's End

What is Halloween? – Ancient Origins and Festivities for the Dark Half of the Year! – Part 1 – Areteem Institute Blog Areteem Institute Blog



Some Halloween traditions can be traced back to Celtic practices.


Halloween actually has its origins in Irish tradition. Evolving from the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain, modern Halloween has become less about literal …

Samahain painting

"Halloween is a mixture of ancient Celtic practices, Catholic and Roman religious rituals and European folk traditions that blended together over time to …

Halloween Fun Fact: Dressing up as ghouls and other spooks originated from the ancient Celtic


tradition of Samhain with them, thus laying the groundwork for many of the vintage Halloween customs that are still with us today.

Origins Halloween …

Ancient Origins of Halloween (3)

Party like it's Samhain

On All Hallows' Eve, Christians in some parts of the world visit cemeteries to pray and place flowers and candles on the graves of their loved ones.

Massacre of the Druids

Spooky history: Halloween a tale of two ancient traditions

Ancient Halloween Traditions

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