Carpal Bones

By | December 25, 2016

Carpal Bones

Illustration showing wrist bones

Fig 1.1 Palmar view of the carpal bones.

Carpal bones arrangement – anatomy and mnemonic

Carpal bones.svg

Human left hand bones

The lunate bone, also known as the semilunar bone, is a crescent shaped bone of the wrist. lunate


Xray hand with color.jpg. Carpal bones.svg

Hand Joints. Hand Bones

5. Ossification of the carpal bones …



carpal tunnel pain is easily avoided with good posture …

Carpal bones. 5 1 2 3 4 1 = 1 st Metacarpal; Rt. hand 2 =

bones of hand and wrist

Bones of the wrist, enlarged view.

Carpal bones

Wrist Anatomy

Bones of Wrist Joint

Carpal bones of a primitive humanoid and a human.

Carpal Bones

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