Ear Pinna

By | December 25, 2016

Ear Pinna

The outer ear consists of an outer, funnel-like structure called the auricle(or pinna) and an S-shaped tube, the external auditory meatus.


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The ear is made up of the outer ear (pinna) and ear canal, the middle ear (behind the ear drum) and inner ear (where the hearing organ: cochlea and balance: …

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Sound waves travel through outer ear, reach the middle ear and finally vibrations travel to

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The ear is the hearing organ in humans. It consists of the outer ear (pinna and auditory meatus), the middle ear (ossicles) and the inner ear (cochlea and …

Basic anatomy of the ear from the outer ear to the inner ear showing the pinna

Anatomy of the ear.

The pinna's unique shape allows it to amplify sonic waves and redirect them straight into the ear canal.

Fig 1 Anterior surface of the auricle (or pinna) of the ear.

ear. Pinna

Correcting the shape of the outer ear: pinna or auricle

Ear Pinna

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