Paris Metro

By | December 25, 2016

Paris Metro

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Central Paris Metro map

Carte Mtro de Paris.jpg

The parisian metro network

Here's how he explains his map works better than the original:

Route Planners for Paris and surrounding region (Ile-de-France)

But Roberts, who specialises in simplifying transport maps appears to have come up with a far more user-friendly version.

Odd, then, that its metro map should look like a cartographer had some kind of breakdown with a plate of spaghetti and some crayons, and yet there it is:

Paris Metro Map – Click on map to expand to full size UrbanRail.

Paris Subway

Rolling stock[edit]

london pass image

Paris Metro Map

Paris Metro Map Paris metro Map

Paris Metro Maps

Paris Metro Map with Street Plan – Image (HQ …

Look for the Station names using a shortcut : "control F", type in the name and hit "Enter". Don't forget that in French certain names have "accents", …

3) Map of central Paris Metro regions

Paris Metro

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